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Full Service Chemical Repacking

With over 40 years’ experience in the chemical industry, ReAgent is now one of the leading chemical manufacturing and repacking companies in the UK.

Our expert chemical repackaging service means that we can handle a wide range of products, whether they’re a powder, liquid, paste, or gel. We can also repack products that are solid or semi-solid at ambient temperature, such as petroleum jelly.

As part of our chemical repacking service, we are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Sourcing chemicals and raw materials
  • Blending bespoke formulations
  • Filling packages and containers
  • Designing and printing CLP compliant labels
  • Provision of dangerous goods notes for road/sea freights
  • Packing under controlled conditions (e.g. clean room/nitrogen purge)

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to come up with a cost effective packing solution for our customers. We ensure all packaging used complies with the legislative requirements of European Regulation (EC) No. 1271/2008 (CLP).

We also design and print labels in compliance with the requirements of CLP, as well as the regulations for the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR).

A Wide Choice of Repackaging Solutions

Over the years, we have repacked chemicals from a wide range of pack sizes, and have handled packaged up to 2.5 tons in weight. When repackaging your chemicals, we can pack from:

  • IBCs
  • Drums
  • Jerricans
  • Bags
  • Bulk Bags

These chemicals then be packed into your choice of packaging, such as:

  • HDPE jerricans, from 500ml to 25L
  • 1000L IBCs
  • Glass bottles, from 10ml to 2500ml
  • Flexible barrier film pouches
  • Glass ampoules, from 1ml to 20ml in clear and amber glass

As an ISO 9001:2008 company, we have longstanding supply agreements with a number of packaging manufacturers. This enables us to always provide packaging of the required quality and specification.

When it comes to semi-solid substances, we are also able to heat 200L drums and 1,000L IBCs to liquefy products that are normally solid at room temperature. These can then be repackaged into the containers of your choice.

Repackaging Machinery

We operate a variety of chemical repackaging machinery, including:

  • ROTA 915 Ampoule Filler and Sealer
  • Volumetric Liquid Dispenser (500ml to 5L)
  • Volumetric Dispenser (10ml to 500ml)
  • Overhead Auger Dispenser (Powders, 2g to 5kg)
  • Heat Sealers (for pouches)
  • Inductive Heat Sealed Caps
  • Semi-Automatic Labeller (for cylindrical bottles)

Thanks to our flexible filling and packing machines, we’re able to offer competitive pricing and a rapid turnaround on your repacking requirements. All packaging is carried out in accordance with a product specific works instruction. This helps us ensure your exact needs are met.


We’re able to safely handle a wide range of chemicals including corrosive, toxic, flammable, oxidising, and environmentally hazardous products. Safety is of utmost importance in our facility, and we carry out regular risk assessments to ensure safe operations in every job we take on.

We also invest highly in training of staff to ensure all products are handled in a safe manner. This includes the manual handling of heavy packages, and knowing the risks poses from hazardous chemicals.

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