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Why Ampoule Filling?

Ampoules are increasing in popularity across the UK because of their ability to contain and protect small samples of product. They are ideal for single use applications, and for ensuring protection from the environment. The reason our ampoules are made from glass instead of plastic is because glass is impervious to gases and other contaminants.

Suppliers and clients alike can benefit from the advantages that these have to offer, including:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of non-flammable liquids, including those sensitive to environmental exposure
  • Hermetic, airtight sealing that protects chemicals against airborne contaminants. This means a cleaner, safer, and longer preservation of product
  • An efficient transportation and disposing process

On top of these, ampoules can also be nitrogen purged for more sensitive products in order to retain the highest quality possible.

Applications of Glass Vials

Widespread manufacturing of the glass vial has provided the perfect packaging solution for businesses with single use products. Their size, portability, and ease of use means that ampoules have a wide range of applications. They can be used:

  • For holding and preserving product samples
  • As part of a product test kit
  • To hold air sensitive reagents
  • To contain particularly hazardous liquids

Our ampoules are now even used in medical training. This is because a disposable vial is an efficient and accurate way to train students to prepare, calculate, and administer drugs. ReAgent are the proud manufacturer of glass ampoules to medical training programmes across the UK.

Fast and Efficient Suppliers

At ReAgent, we use our state-of-the-art Rota 915 Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine to produce ampoules in a fast and efficient manner. The Rota 915 is capable of:

  • Producing approximately 15 filled and sealed glass vials per minute
  • Outputting over 6,000 ampoules per working day
  • Providing a cost-effective method way to meet your packaging requirements

Each ampoule or vial can be filled with 0-2ml of any non-flammable liquid. Because we love to go the extra mile for our customers, we can even fill open vials with between 0 and 20ml if you require it.

Finished ampoules can be supplied in bulk, as part of a kit, or packed into cartons of 5, 10, or 20 units.

Filling with a Range of Liquids

The possibilities of ampoule filling go even further by the fact that they are suitable to contain a range of liquids. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Some acids and alkalis in liquid states
  • Non-toxic liquids e.g. deionised water
  • Toxic liquids

For any other substance, contact us for more information about the services we provide. We are a supplier of a wide variety of packaging materials to suit a range of chemicals, from flammable solvents to strong acids and bases. For liquids incompatible with glass, for example, we offer a sachet filling service which will be well suited to your business needs.

Glass Over Plastic

At ReAgent, we have a commitment to the environment and to you. This is why we strive to use materials that have a minimum impact on our surroundings while protecting the product inside. Our use of glass ampoules is the ideal instrument for ensuring that we reduce our effect on the environment during production and even disposal.

Care for the Environment

ReAgent is an ISO accredited company. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard means that our ampoule production is guaranteed to meet all specifications required by you. As environmentally conscious ampoule manufacturers we’re also obliged to dispose of any waste materials responsibly and with minimum impact on the environment. Our success in doing this is backed up by our ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standard.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Always open for customer audits
We believe that a solid foundation of trust is fundamental in any business relationship. One of the reasons we are such a well respected and trusted ampoule supplier is because we open our doors to customers, allowing them not only to come in and talk to us face to face, but to audit our facilities and make suggestions for improvement.
100% focused on customer value
Continuous improvement is what drives our business and this is led by our unwavering focus on providing the best possible value to our customers. We always implement changes that will impact positively on this at all levels of our operation.
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard
Every ampoule we manufacture is backed by our internationally recognised ISO quality standard. This means we guarantee that the products we manufacture for you will meet your specifications.
ISO 14001:2008 Environmental Standard
As a responsible ampoule manufacturer it is our duty to care for and respect the environment, especially as many of the products we manufacture are hazardous. This is a responsibility we take very seriously at ReAgent and our ISO 14001 Environmental Standard is proof of that.

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