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Scalable sachet manufacturing

ReAgent provides a fast, cost-effective sachet manufacturing service that suits your needs and budget, with no minimum or maximum limits on order size. Working together with our clients, we’re able to create a scalable solution from prototype to full scale manufacture, meaning faster turnarounds and lower costs for you.

Unrivalled Service and Quality

Our sachet manufacturing machines are capable of outputting around 27,000 sachets per day, whilst our skilled production team is on hand to ensure your product is packed safely and made ready to ship.

Our in-house chemists also quality-check every product to ensure it meets your own personal specifications, as well as adhering to our ISO 9001:2008 Quality and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental standards.

Range of Sachet Laminates & Sizes

When choosing a laminate for your sachets, it’s important to consider the type of product and its uses. Is it a liquid, cream, gel, paste or a powder? Is it hazardous? What’s the intended end use? Do you need branded sachets?

All these questions can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to provide complete support during the sachet manufacturing and can provide a huge range of laminates such as:

  • PET/Aluminium foil
  • PE/PET
  • Paper/PE
  • Nylon/PE
  • Polyester/PE/Foil/PE
  • Water soluble film
  • Tyvek
  • Pre-printed films

For more configuration options provided by our sachet facility, visit our Sachet Packaging page.

Working collaboratively with you

We aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers throughout the manufacturing process, offering help and advice and providing real-time progress reports when necessary. As demand increases for your product, we can work alongside you to accommodate need so that your orders are always fulfilled and your customers satisfied.

ReAgent is also happy to be involved in:

  • Customer-led audits of our manufacturing facilities
  • Face to face meetings at our facility whenever it suits the customer
  • Visiting the customer premises to pitch ideas or work through issues
  • Entering non-disclosure agreements to protect your product.

Ready to discuss your requirements?

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Why choose ReAgent?

First class technical support
Our technical advisers are on hand to help you at any point before, during or after doing business with us.
Over 35 years industry experience
We've been in the chemical manufacturing business since 1977 and our extensive knowledge and experience speaks for itself.
Sachets manufactured in the UK
We never outsource sachet manufacturing overseas or to a third party – all orders are fulfilled from our Cheshire based facility.
Audits welcome
We're open to customers auditing our facility prior to ordering with us and we always respond positively to requests for action.