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ReAgent has carried out packing operations since 1977. As a company that manufactures and blends chemical products we naturally needed to pack our own products into suitable packaging. We have always ensured that the packaging used will perform in key areas such as Product Integrity, Customer Safety and convenience and of course comply with the prevailing regulations regarding the shipping of hazardous chemicals whether that is the now outdated Chip regulations or their successor CLP.

The right packaging for the job

  • Glass ampoules (Clear or amber glass, 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml catered for)
  • Flexible barrier film pouches (Supplied with or without bottom gussetts / spouts)
  • Glass bottles (Amber glass in sizes from 50ml up to 2.5L)
  • HDPE bottles & Jerricans (UN Approved, Combination Packagings, Stackable)
  • 200L Drums in Steel, HDPE or where required composite Steel / HDPE
  • Industrial Bulk Containers (IBC’s) in Black and Natural and UN approved
  • Road Tankers up to 25,000L
  • Kit assembly

Every product that we pack has its own set of unique requirements, some chemicals such as Silver Nitrate must be protected from light or this will cause an accelerated decomposition of the product. For light sensitive products opaque HDPE may be suitable or other alternatives are amber glass (brown) bottles. Other chemicals require special venting caps to prevent excessive pressure build up inside the packaging, these are used when we pack chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide. If vented caps are not used there is a risk of the packaging rupturing under pressure. Other special steps that can be taken include the purging of containers with Inert Gases, this is important for moisture sensitive products. We have packed a number of products that require a pre-purge followed by a blanket of Nitrogen. This step ensures product integrity and often extends the shelf life of the product.

Industries Served

ReAgent pack products for a number of industries, these include bulk chemical manufacturers, fine chemical manufacturers, Analytical chemical suppliers and Retail companies. We have also manufactured and assembled testing kits for a variety of processes such as detergent levels, water hardness, purity of Gold, and Lead in Air as well as a testing kit for the MOD for the detection of hazardous vapours.

Run Sizes

We are able to undertake packing jobs from 1L when packing into small containers and ampoules up to multi ton scale for jerricans and Drums.

Packing Equipment

We have invested in a number of highly flexible packing machines and have semi-automatic volumetric filling equipment for packs from 25ml up to 5L. This equipment is fitted with diving nozzles to facilitate the efficient packing of foaming products. Other equipment consists of an overhead auger dispenser, semi-automatic label applicator and heat sealers for flexible pouches. We do operate a volumetric form fill and seal machine however this is only employed on sizeable runs due to the time taken to test the compatibility of new products.

Packaging Safety

The correct packing can contribute greatly to the safety when handling chemical products. For products that must be packed into glass bottles for chemical compatibility reasons these can be supplied in plastic coated glass bottles. In the event of a bottle being dropped the glass may still break but the plastic coating will contain the contents. The use of UN approved packaging also improves safety as the packaging is rated to contain a certain weight of contents at a given packing group. All UN packaging must undergo strict testing including drop testing, the packaging must not rupture or leak during the testing process. This testing applies to small 1L containers right up to 1000L IBC’s. Even when packing non-hazardous products is essential that the container and cap are compatible with each other and with the contents of the packaging. It is often best to carry out a trial fill before undertaking a large filling run to rule out any problems with leaking packaging.


All packing operations are carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 quality systems. We have full traceability from receipt of products and packaging right through to delivery to the customer or end user.

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