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Our expertise in the area of industrial cleaning processes and products spans many years of supplying bespoke formulations, whilst acting as a third party manufacturer. Our capability at ReAgent encompasses a great deal more.

Here at ReAgent we can offer:

  • Bespoke manufacture and blending of Customer Formulations
  • Development of new products in conjunction with our customers
  • Ensuring our offering falls in line with current legislation
  • Procurement of raw materials of the highest quality
  • Cost-effective solutions to customer specification
  • Reduced environmental impact in all we do

Bespoke manufacture of customer formulations

We can take a customer own formulation and manufacture to the highest possible standards, whether it be for 1000 litres or 10,000 litres. We can advise on alternative raw material specifications and have relationships with manufacturers to procure variable volumes cost effectively. Our production facilities offer versatility to take a product from concept through to a packaged ‘on shelf’ product.

Development of new products

We have been developing new products for over 35 years, tailored to cleaning in the food industry, automotive sector, industrial and institutional and laundry markets. Our in house chemists and technicians have been involved with the majority of sectors over many years, where cleaning processes are involved and have formulated specialist ranges customised to be cost effective.

Legislation compliance

With the introduction of the European Regulation (EC)No 1271/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures known as the CLP Regulation , ReAgent has striven to be ahead of the game. All our customer formulations have been carefully reviewed to ensure compliance and where required adjustment and modifications made. All this completed well within the 1st June 2015 deadline.

Raw material procurement

Our dedicated purchasing team strive to ensure that our materials are purchased from the highest quality sources. We have built up strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we can react to emergency short notice requests. We constantly review the market to ensure that we are competitive in our offering and are more than willing to listen to our suppliers with new developments and offerings.

Cost-effective solutions to customer specification

Whilst our customers often have very clear specifications and requirements from their product, with our expertise we can offer advice in order to optimise and add value to their requests wherever applicable. This is after all our business expertise and may be a pure ‘add on’ to our customers. We will work to achieve the most cost effective, environmentally friendly product.

Reduction in environmental impact

Respect and care for the environment are fundamental to our work and these values are built in to every product we manufacture. Materials are purchased in re usable packaging and quantities to alleviate unnecessary packaging. We control our power and water consumption and regulate our generation of waste wherever possible.

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Why choose ReAgent?

Care for the environment built in
Respect and care for the environment are fundamental to our work and these values are built in to every product we manufacture.
Quality, reliable raw materials
Our global network of suppliers and in-house water plant mean access to high quality, excellent value raw materials is only a click away.
Services shaped by your unique requirements
We examine your needs and mould ourselves around them, even if that means developing new techniques or procedures.
Open door policy
We understand the need for quantifiable levels of quality and that’s why we welcome customer audits and always respond positively to any requests for action.