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What is Deformulation?

Deformulation is sometimes known as reverse engineering. It is a process that can be employed in order to understand the main components of a blend or formulation.

In many cases, customers will ask us if we can manufacture a product that is functionally similar to one they’re currently using.  This is often a lower cost and quicker process.  If the customer requires a descaler for a food processor, for example, there are only a certain number of products available that will fit the specification, enabling them to find the alternative they want quickly and cost-effectively.

The deformulation process

The deformulation process often starts with a current safety data sheet and a sample of the product in question.  It is important for us to obtain a good understanding for the application of the product as this can often impact on the final solution offered.

It may not always be possible to get to a position where the exact composition is understood, due to factors such as time, cost or the availability of specialised analytical equipment.

Once the deformulation process is complete, we usually send out a sample for evaluation purposes.

Our deformulation service

ReAgent is not a dedicated testing laboratory, but we do have over 35 years’ experience in the chemical manufacturing industry.  Please note that our deformulation service is only available in cases where we would later be manufacturing the product.

We take each request on its own merits and always give an honest response to individual requests.  If we can help with your product, we will advise a realistic turnaround time.  If we’re not able to help, we can often point customers in a more useful direction.

As part of our deformulation service, we’re also able to produce CLP-compliant labels and safety data sheets; offer advice on suitable packaging and assist with sourcing raw materials.

Deformulation benefits

There are many reasons that customers look to have products deformulate. Sometimes the original supplier withdraws the product from sale.  Other times it can be changes to legislation, which means the product needs to be updated to comply with current regulations. Another reason can be that the customer wishes to change the formulation so that it is no longer classed as hazardous for transport.

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